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Stream: Toro Y Moi, "New Beat"


Really hoped for a millisecond Toro Y Moi was talking about THIS “new beat,” that the breaking chillwave would somehow crash on the North Sea shores of acid bass. But our smiley-face fantasy isn’t meant to be, yet. Toro’s “New Beat” renaissance is heavier in the groove, his wah-wah Rhodes electric sliding back to the wet-snare 70s, heavy disco nostalgia reflecting off his almost-as-iconic plastic glasses. As the song ends, some guy—whose name will be revealed in the comments section, if we're lucky—says, "Don't forget," his words repeated and slurred like warped vinyl, the sound of old electronica reborn in Chaz Bundick.

Stream: Toro Y Moi, "New Beat"

Posted: February 01, 2011
Stream: Toro Y Moi, "New Beat"