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Daily Inspiration: Low, "Laugh"

Sub Pop announced today the release of Low's seventh album, C'mon, and offered the first single from it, "Try To Sleep." The song is epic and lovely, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker sounding like blacker heartthrobs than the Twilight goofballs. However, the title reminds us of an old Low lyric off their 1996 album The Curtain Hits The Cast. "Laugh"'s only lyrics—They're gonna laugh/ Behind your back/ Once you're able to stand/ Steal your mattress, sever your hand—appear in the third minute and are gone for the last four. The rest is basically a funeral. This band is essentially getting happier as the world gets less so. Incidentally, the new Earth album sounds a lot like old Low. So confusing.

Low, "Laugh"

Daily Inspiration: Low, "Laugh"