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Premiere: Polock, “Fireworks” (Eim Ick Remix)

February 03, 2011

This is nice. That might seem like a five cent word to you, but this song is really nice. Remixed from the latest album of Valencia, Spain's Polock, it's Tropical and sweet and comforting, shimmers like a piece of Citrine, repetitive in all the best ways. It builds like a sunrise, too, cooing doves as an opener, like waking up in Snow White's cottage. You'll get out of bed to this, stretch your arms and legs, listen to it 30 times before even realizing that your coffee got cold and this has been on repeat the entire time. And all of that equals nice.

Download: Polock, "Fireworks" (Eim Ick Remix)

Posted: February 03, 2011
Premiere: Polock, “Fireworks” (Eim Ick Remix)