The Compass Tradeshow NYC: A Pick of the Best

February 04, 2011

With NY Fashion Week kicking off next Wednesday, it was only right for us to put our best foot forward and head down to The Compass Tradeshow. Compass showcases the latest in fancy footwear for the upcoming season. So while there were some styles, mainly in the form of Oxfords and Moccasins, that seem to be hanging around the past couple of seasons, there were also plenty of stand-outs.

Check out the tribal detail on the top pair crafted by 80/20. Fly enough to make any Amazon gal strut in style, but the wedge provides just the right amount of stability for the average Americano. Who said you can't swing both ways?

We were also in love with the British version of the 2009 US Patriot Boot, by Duckie Brown. Joined together in patriotic matromony, we reckon these worn together will look much cooler than Bush and Blair ever did.

Posted: February 04, 2011
The Compass Tradeshow NYC: A Pick of the Best