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Stream: Belong, "Perfect Life"

If this band doesn't ring any bells, we wouldn't blame you. In 2006, the New Orleans-based Belong released a great drone album called October Language, and not that many people outside that specific music community really noticed. What followed seemed like a period of complete inactivity, even though it resulted in a couple EPs and smaller recordings and a signing to Kranky—which is probably more than we've done since 2006 (seen every episode of Gossip Girl though!). Now they're back with a new record, Common Era. They've ditched a lot of the ambient drift in favor of muffled hooks and actual song structure made a pretty beautiful record in the process. Even though these songs stand on their own, we'd recommend listening to the record as a whole when you get the chance when it's released on March 21st. Until then, stream "Perfect Life" below.

Stream: Belong, "Perfect Life"