Kim Kardashian Can’t Dance, Kicked Off Stage By Prince


When he played Madison Square Garden on December 18th last year, Prince invited Sherri Sheppard, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, Tavis Smiley, and Professor Cornel West on stage to dance and hang out. Spike Lee played the tambourine! Last night Prince celebrated the last show of his New York residency, and invited Kim Kardashian onstage to dance. Just before he summons her, the Jehovah’s Witness says, “Oh no brother, I can’t dance with you” to an eager guy, which is super lame. That man would have probably given a little more spirit than Kim—she walked onstage holding hands with a handler, stayed for just 15 seconds. Prince danced at her for about five of those then gave up; she responded by holding her hand to her mouth to giggle, did the floppiest clap. After she’s gone Prince excused and lamented her, telling the crowd “Welcome to America.”

(Via Bossip)

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  2. kathy says:

    i dont think she can dance. she wasnt nervous; she just knows she would have made a fool of herself. she thinks just standing there with her famous rear end is enuf. what a dork.

  3. I don’t think as many people have observed that Prince was mad but more frustrated that Kim took that opportunity to be on stage with him from a genuine fan that would have fed off the energy of the crowd and danced with him. It appeared that Kim may have been more interested in being looked at which is fine for her.

  4. Chas says:

    What’s his Religion got to do with it ??

  5. tabby says:

    wow she done made a ass out of herselff………i like her show but she cant fight or dance …dam kimm next yhu need to BUY dance lessons lmfao!!!

    __tabb stakkxzz