Video: Hard Mix, “Eye Contact” + “Now Her” MP3

Some days our apartments break our hearts. The bathroom floor is freezing, the kitchen sink shit-pile emanates anxiety. Not owning a car stopped feeling liberating last August. South Carolina’s Hard Mix filmed this video probably in his mom’s house, with cream venetian blinds and Christmas lights and a collie. It’s shot so far from the Rainbow Road, Final Cut, glitch-grime interscape that has become the retrobeat visual standard, shot in a world that’s just as foreign. Potted plants, grandma’s glasses. We want a cathedral ceiling, we want a driveway. Nice stuff can be so devastating. “Eye Contact” is out now. on a 7-inch split with Star Slinger, and below we’ve got “Now Her” off Hot’s debut album Defaults, due March 1st. The snare stays the same, but the lyrics are harder to pin down, exact emotion as indecipherable as the actual words.

Download: Hard Mix, “Now Her”

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