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Is Zoo Kid the Spiritual Son of The Streets?

We really loved Mike Skinner's content-creation for The Guardian's music blog last week, wanted to get him on the phone to talk about it (blogging). He said no, that The Streets is officially deaded. His grave is still fresh enough to be messed in by Zoo Kid, though. The young Londoner's mix of Skinner's end-of-days work is a fitting exploration, since both dudes have opened themselves to life's heaviness, muddled in it and delivered smudgy, downer songs that aim for the nugget of how fucked up it can be to be young or to be at all. Loving isn't easy, you can't google the solution to people's feelings—we imagine Zoo Kid's got a lot of feelings right now, as a ginger with an incredible mind dealing with a lot of attention. You can listen to the more trip-timed, also soul-embattled original here.

Download: The Streets, "Puzzled By People" (Zoo Kid Remix)

(Via Abeano)

Is Zoo Kid the Spiritual Son of The Streets?