Video: LCD Soundsystem Quit Television and Play “I Can Change” On Colbert


James Murphy warned us last summer that This is Happening would likely be his last album with/as LCD Soundsytem and officially began the funeral procession for the project two weekends ago when he announced a final million-hour long show at Madison Square Garden. That show sold out (according to the Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never, selling out Madison Square Garden means you have followed your dreams to the highest possible level) because scalpers bought a ton of tickets. Murphy responded by scheduling some Terminal 5 shows, is probably glad he’ll no longer have to deal with this kind of nonsense. He told Colbert that stopping now “seemed like the right thing to do,” that he’s worried he’s at the “point it gets embarrassing” and would like more time to “make coffee.” What he may also do in his off-time is produce a ton of records and then make some more of his own. Hear Murphy tell Terry Gross plenty about what he did before he was in LCD Soundsystem in his Fresh Air interview last year, then after the jump see his talk with Colbert and LCD’s final television performance of “I Can Change.”

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