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Diplowatch 2011 #3: "Almost All Boobs Which Is A Good Start"

When Diplo posted his top 50 hot girl Tumblrs last November, he said “win” a lot, and that “the mostly graphic ones are the bests because my brain doesn't even like to read anymore it just wants pictures.” Tumblr is impossibly vast (follow us, though), and it helps having a BlackBerry-owning, internet-mining pioneer like Diplo to guide us through the Mac Miller GIFs and endless pantyhose, as he’s done with yesterday’s updated list. On the one hand, his catalogue is a fairly transparent ploy for hooking up (“deaf cute and ethnically ambiguous but dont wanna see pics of ur bf or whoevever”), but we’re still mass-following his picks (“this one is gret besides the huge vagina.. and its very stylized u win if everything is like for cute black girls”). Read the full list here. We’d re-post his entire commentary if we could.

Diplowatch 2011 #3: "Almost All Boobs Which Is A Good Start"