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Porcelain Raft, "Talk To Me" MP3

Coming to terms with emotions is rough. Just, like, having them, not really what they are on their own necessarily. Remember the last time you got mad? It was probably gnarly. Saw a woman crying outside of a restaurant recently and felt weird about it. Less the emotion and more the public act of the emotion. But Mauro Remiddi, bka Porcelain Raft, makes it seem all okay. His music up to this point has been mostly head-in-the-clouds-overwhelming-sadness-as-happiness, like being over everything as its happening and looking back with a distant feeling of fondness. "Talk To Me," on the other hand, is much more harsh. It's Remiddi giving up on optimism and, for just a few minutes, questioning. When we interviewed him in FADER #72 (on stands soon!), he seemed so sure of his path, but "Talk To Me" is a sign that sometimes that can waver, and it's more powerful for it. Porcelain Raft's Gone Blind EP is out tomorrow on Acephale.

Download: Porcelain Raft, "Take To Me"

Porcelain Raft, "Talk To Me" MP3