Respect Yourself: Nightcore Forever Mix MP3

February 21, 2011

Every other Monday, Duncan Cooper produces a video tribute to pop culture, his last ditch attempt to understand and bring dignity to the thousand hours he spends online. This week he celebrates the YouTube remix genre "nightcore" with an exclusive mix.

Nightcore is a group—Norway’s Thomas Nilsen and Steffen Søderholm, who started pitching up trance music for a school project around 2005—as much as it is an aesthetic, cultivated online by fans of the sound. It's a pure remix genre akin to bassless happy hardcore, recasting mega-popstars at speeds and pitches impossibly inhuman, the manic antithesis to DJ Screw. It’s super easy to make, the type of music whose creators cite Fair Use with every upload, and surprisingly active: there have been 940 Nightcore uploads on YouTube this week and nearly 4,000 this month, every video paired with another anime girl background. This summer, Nilsen and Søderholm, who’ve been quiet for years, will make their first international appearance in Phoenix. In my dream internet, though, they’d stay silent. The band name would be subsumed by the genre, remixing its faceless self forever. The nightcore edit of the nightcore edit of the nightcore edit would be solid sound, it’s how they make black holes. But listen to the mix, put it on your Shuffle and run around the block. Watch your heart rate sync with the drums. It's terrifying.

Download: Nightcore Forever Mix

1. Baby
2. Dear Jessie
3. Forever Gamer
4. Firework
5. Look at Us Now
6. See U Again
7. Venice Freak
8. Sound of My Dreams
9. Temple of Dreams
10. Forever Young
11. In the Name of Love
12. Come
13. Scream for More
14. Look at Me Now
15. Apologize
16. Another Night
17. Don't You
18. Numb

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Respect Yourself
Respect Yourself: Nightcore Forever Mix MP3