Thurston Moore Is Back to Blogging + Stream Sonic Youth’s French Film Soundtrack


We first fell in love Thurston Moore when a friend showed us a Sassy Magazine love advice column he’d done for teenage girls. Now, after a slight lull on his blog the Sonic Youth man is back at talking to the people — he’s posted about hanging with Kurt Cobain, put up pictures of him, wifey Kim Gordon and J Mascis at an outdoor snow barren noise jam and written a compelling review of seeing Sid Vicious live in ’78 [excerpt: 'After the first song some girl yelled "I love you" to which Sid retorted "Shut yr fucking mouth, you stupid fucking cunt!".' ] Also, Sonic Youth have recently released an instrumental soundtrack to director Fabrice Gobert’s Simon Werner a Disparu on SYR Recordings. Stream the new joint over at Midheaven. See the original Sassy advice, after the jump!

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