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The Comics Journal Releases A 640 Page Issue

The Comics Journal: long known as a magazine where you can look at never before released sketches from R. Crumb next to essays about Wonder Woman's bondage past next to in-depth interviews with superhero comics auteurs next to oral histories of underground dudes you didn't even know you were interested in until you read about their entire lives. We could go on that tangent forever, but instead we'll just direct you here to pre-order. A little background: the magazine pretty much just said, "Fuck it! Why are we competing with other magazines? Let's turn this whole thing into a huge book, put it out rarely, but make it real worth your time when it all manages to come together." So issue #301 is designed by Criterion art dude Eric Skillman, and features an interview with Crumb on his Genesis adaptation, another interview with Joe Sacco on his in-depth comics reporting from Gaza, a bunch of essays, other interviews and conversations and a "full-color reprinting of a 1950s Gerald McBoing Boing comic." We don't even know what that is, but we'll take it.

The Comics Journal Releases A 640 Page Issue