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Atropolis f. Noelia Fernandez, "Asi Asi Asi" MP3

According to Urban Outfitters, industro-suburban Queens makes a good backdrop for selling late 2011's back-to-school looks to middle-American teens. According to the National Geographic's Genographic Project, the borough is also a busy hub of human migration and therefore one of the most genetically diverse places on earth. That's also where beat-maker Adam "Atropolis" Patridge was born, and where he's worked as a party facilitator, playing with cumbia, dubstep, moombahton, Afro-Colombian house, kuduro as a member of the Cumbia Mela DJ collective. The cover art of his forthcoming self-titled album features a post-Hackers, nueva-chief take on a Hamsa, the anti-evil eye protection amulet made worldwide-popular by traditional Muslims and Jews. It's a fitting talisman for the low-thump songs that were built to support and protect the mixed-needs crowd of the outer-borough party scene. "Asi Asi Asi" climbs, rolls and tumbles underneath the cool trill of Uruguayan vocalist Noelia Fernandez. She's featured on a couple more cuts from Atropolis, too. It drops from Dutty Artz on 4/26.

Download: Atropolis f. Noelia Fernandez, "Asi Asi Asi"

Atropolis f. Noelia Fernandez, "Asi Asi Asi" MP3