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Video: The Strokes Stoked to Play SNL?

It kinda seemed like host Miley Cyrus ran over to Urban to grab her (ironic?) Strokes T-shirt (only to promptly crop it with shears) just before introducing the band on SNL this past Saturday. And, admittedly, the band sort of performed like they were being forced to play an in-store, cross-marketing platform. They seemed a bit tired and unfazed by the whole thing. Nevertheless, they were profesh, and put on a solid, if lackluster, performance, replete with gruffy vocals and crisp guitar solos.

Their second song, "Life is Simple," brought everything down a note, and perhaps reflected the relative weirdness of having two New York institutions, The Strokes and SNL, respectively, be hosted by the queen of Montana.

Video: The Strokes Stoked to Play SNL?