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Nguzunguzu's The Perfect Lullaby Mix MP3


If you were 11 years old in 1998, you wore out Brandy's Never Say Never LP, watched MTV's Top Ten countdown all summer long hoping that the stars would align, that someone you loved a little would also know if "The Boy is Mine" had reached #1 on the day you had your birthday party. If you were 17 when Ciara released "Goodies," you dyed your hair black to match the tube top you wore to homecoming, where you watched its bassline obliterate the dance floor. If it's 2011, Nguzunguzu is kismet-ing all that, perfectly distilling the balm of the world from where these songs come, fusing all eras into one before four minutes have passed. It's some kind of mission statement for what follows: songs your heart can't take any more of, songs that evoke how good it would feel to stand on top of a car and sing, songs that envision what a 'good' world would be, or at least Young Joc's "Coffee Shop." At close, there's a melange of DJ driven, instrumental trip-bachata-salsa sensual estilo's. Nguzunguzu's a radio killer, our brains just died to this. God bless Dis Mag, got their vocal-drop game heavy + the best fashion editorial we've ever seen out.

Download: Nguzunguzu's The Perfect Lullaby Mix (Via Dis)

Nguzunguzu's The Perfect Lullaby Mix MP3