Rittz’ White Jesus Mixtape


If we saw Rittz at Wal*Mart, we probably wouldn’t figure him the type of dude who’d spit great fast raps, wouldn’t ask him to pour whiskey in our “Dixxxie Cup.” He’s overdue a haircut, perhaps has been preoccupied crafting nasty jams for the dudes who survey the world from the tall perspective of their pickup trucks. But here, finally, is the most comprehensive argument in support of his talent and long-shot saleability: a twelve song collection of country raps put together by DJ Burn One that features Yelawolf, Big K.R.I.T. and 8Ball. It packs sleepy guitar hymnals, singalong choruses, wide-open asphalt kisses, shotgunned beers. Below, preview the feverish, jealous anthem “Sleep at Night” featuring Yelawolf and “No Friends” with Shawty Fatt, then head to DJ Booth to download the whole White Jesus tape.

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