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How Lex Luger Invented the Rap Video

This isn't a Lex Luger song. ZMD produced Alley Boy's "Low Down," and it's a beat all his own. It's dirty, bass-heavy and angry, even if doesn't make us feel dirty or angry enough to torture dudes in storage facilities with construction equipment, the way it apparently moves the Duct Tape boys. Lex's influence comes in the video editing. The rapid-fire cuts that have taken over WorldStar, where transition shots quickly switch back and forth to the beat, as far as we can tell, came into vogue through the 2010 torrent of videos showcasing Luger's trademark stutter snares and hats. Fuck a Ken Burns, we're calling this the Lex Luger Effect. It's everywhere, it's maybe not great looking, but we appreciate the man's influence.

Download: Alley Boy's Purgatory Mixtape

How Lex Luger Invented the Rap Video