Was Rihanna Drunk Last Night on Chelsea Lately?


Last night Chelsea Handler sat down with Rihanna in Australia. They patted butt’s to say hello, Rihanna wore a long-sleeve sheath and enormous, suffocating wig. Mostly Chelsea, who doesn’t understand reggae time, wanted to know why Rihanna invited her to her birthday party a couple weeks ago but didn’t bother to say hello or participate in the situation till way late, well after Chelsea left. As consolation Rihanna offered that it was a Sunday night, she doesn’t remember what time anything happened, that it was fun because eventually they “kind of let everybody in.” This established, Chelsea asked why are there no black people in Australia. Rihanna’s belabored conclusion? It’s actually extraordinary when you see black folks in Australia, you actually notice it, “they’re usually really dark, which is beautiful.” They talked more about beautiful skin and Rihanna’s Nivea campaign before things got real. Around 6:30 in this clip, Rihanna confesses to getting drunk on the first date. Without pause Chelsea says it’s important to be drunk in all situations, then struggles to understand Rihanna’s woozy promise that “there’s no judgment” again boozing on her end.

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