Daily Inspiration: Fugazi, “Waiting Room” Live in D.C.


We spent the better part of our awkward teenage years living five minutes away from Wilson High School in Washington, DC where this video takes place. Sadly, we arrived about 10 years too late to witness this, and many other, awe-inspiring Fugazi performances. We would’ve gone this nuts had we been there. An inspiration.

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  1. zither says:

    Would you have worn your neon sunglasses to the show?

    Strange that Fugazi would appeal to the Fader when they fly in the face of everything your brand is about: superficiality, trends, MIA, bad hip hop, lack of ethics, and banal hipness.

  2. yann m. says:

    epic, crowd sitting down too…
    guy picotto needs a steak or something though.

  3. McGirt says:

    lol, what zither said.

  4. chuck Ramone says:

    The video takes place at wilson Center not wilson high school. totally different. Get your facts straight before “liking” a video you found on youtube thinking it will enhance your perceived “musical taste” so reader will think you know something about bad music.