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Mark Morrisroe's Celeb-Filled Zines

Mark Morrisroe was a little known but beloved photographer in the 1970s and 1980s, famous for an intimacy in his work that bordered on voyeuristic. He died in 1989 from AIDS-related illnesses at the much-too-young age of 30, but in his prime, he hung around with Nan Goldin and David Armstrong snapping photos of young folks in New York, taking polaroids and grainy Super 8s of his lovers and favorite drag queens. A new book is out that covers a vast swath of his work, including, to our happy surprise, nearly impossible to find images of a zine he made himself when he was very young called Dirt. Dirt feels like a celeb-filled high school note book, lined paper to jot down a teenager's musings on himself and the glamour world. True to form, it's as intimate as anything Morrisroe has ever done.

Mark Morrisroe's Celeb-Filled Zines