The Weeknd’s House of Balloons Mixtape


Last week cut-off shorts enthusiasts from both coasts (and some major/minor cities in between) flew and road-tripped to Austin, TX to wait on lines, drink Tequila, ride in pedicabs and offer support to an immeasurable spectrum of musical ventures. By yesterday, most of those visitors hadn’t seen Kanye, perhaps had eaten one waffle taco or weirdo pill too many. The host city, too, was aching for some alone time and a good night’s sleep:


What a kindness, then, that all those who deposited themselves back in their home-zones yesterday evening arrived to a new, luxuriously melancholy stretch of nine songs to stay-in to from the R&B team The Weeknd. The project continues to promote its seething, rolled, messy love jams by obscuring the identity of its membership, but some things about the baffling authors are clear. They don’t mind disrobed women and was once based in one of Canada’s most diverse cities, highly regarded by Drake:


Preview a handful of songs from House of Balloons below, then download the tape—featuring the gloriously Siouxie Sioux sampling “Glass Table Girls,” from the group’s site.

Download: The Weeknd, “The Party & The After Party”, “Coming Down”, “Loft Music”

Download: The Weeknd’s House of Balloons Mixtape

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  1. Jonah Gold says:

    The Weekend just stepped up the game. Lo siento Drizzy!

  2. Toronto is quite the lovely place, BIG Up T.Dot!…and The Weekend producer Martin “Doc” McKinney (esthero/Santigold/Muja Messiah).


  3. petty says:

    Why do you keep calling the weeknd a group, its one person.

  4. proto says:

    Good to see this drop. amen jer

  5. the weeknd – wicked games …. with the club treatment… check me out on the remix

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  7. ashlee says:

    the weekend is the dream lol

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  10. Brendon says:

    check out an acoustic cover to Wicked Games by the Weeknd

  11. ben says:

    they are a group dork. Toronto singer Abel Tesfaye and producers Doc McKinney and Illangelo

  12. The Weeknd are so smooth. I can’t say enough about them. Check out my review of them at: