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On the Street: Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

March 22, 2011

On the way to work in Chelsea, we always have to pick our way through swarms of dames and dudes running amok on the FIT campus before we even get the first cup of Joe. It was amidst all those finely dressed kids that we found this studious young lady. Mixing bright hues with light fabrics in preparation for the spring, she masters the art of mixing feminine touches (check out her cutesy laces) with more androgynous slacks and a button up. Balance is the key to this fashion maven in training: her shirt is buttoned up to the neck but she manages to maintain the whimsy with a midriff tie, and she balances the overall geek chic-ness of her look with a fly hair style that we spotted from down the block.

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On The Street
On the Street: Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC