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Blood Diamonds, "Lasting Love" MP3


Been thinking a lot about music and the places it is designed for lately. Like, when we're old are we going to be listening to Project Pat records in an easy chair? And then when our kids come back from college, will we take them to the computer and try to make them love Soulja Boy? Whatever ends up happening, we'll almost surely be doing a lot of stationary listening to music that was not designed for stationary listening. But maybe it won't be a problem. Blood Diamonds' "Lasting Love" is, on the surface, a dance track in the sense that there's a solid beat and you could totally dance to it in a club and no one would think you were that weird. Listening to it in a chair on headphones works too, though, and that speaks to its nuances: clipped vocals, a steady bass pulse and twinkling synths.

Download: Blood Diamonds, "Lasting Love"

Blood Diamonds, "Lasting Love" MP3