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Video: TV on the Radio, "Will Do"

TV on the Radio might not be the MASTERS OF INNOVATION that they once were, but that's okay because they don't need to be anymore. Instead they're just taking what they originally did—which was make really solid, nuanced rock songs with layered vocals and washes of guitars and adding some extra beards and some extra glasses. It's not dad rock though—the sentiment of "Will Do" is still very much about the frustration of unrequited love, which is a young person's game, except in the perpetual adolescence of New York, where it could potentially be an all the time game if you let it. The concept for the video for "Will Do" is a little played to be totally honest. It's about VIRTUAL REALITY and how if we all had fancy PSPs attached to our eyes we'd probably just be imagining the one that got away or whatever. Not us, dudes! We'd be imagining dinosaurs or some aliens, or some aliens riding dinosaurs. Still a good song though.

Video: TV on the Radio, "Will Do"