Big KRIT’s ReturnOf4Eva Mixtape

Big KRIT return

Look, there are worse people to emulate than Outkast or UGK or Scarface or 8Ball and MJG. If we rapped, we’d be using them as touchstones as well. But at the end of the day, we’re stoked for Big KRIT to eventually emerge from their (large) shadows a fully formed artist. It can and should happen. Maybe not until he finally releases a real album—like, a for real NON INTERNET MIXTAPE album. ReturnOf4Eva as well as his previous mixtapes still seem like a test run for the real thing. As ReturnOf4Eva is an extremely reverent Southern rap tape with plenty of bright moments. It’s well worth your time and your zero dollars, but KRIT could also stand to loosen up a bit, and that could happen when he steps out from behind the safety blanket of his predecessors.

Download: Big KRIT, ReturnOf4Eva

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  1. Bubonic says:

    That’s a bit unfair for a tape that’s better/doper/realer than 99,9% of the for real NON INTERNET MIXTAPE albums out there.

  2. sivadnai says:

    cosign Bubonic.

    99.9% at the very least.

  3. Aaron says:

    so he reminds you of 4 of the biggest/most revered/successful acts in southern hip-hop history and that’s a drawback?

    if a new(ish) NY rapper reminded you of Jay-Z, Cam’ron, Fab, and Nas at once, would that be an issue? i sniff some regional bias… and this is coming from a Philly dude.

  4. Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    @Aaron: Definitely no regional bias. Read my posting history and you’ll see that. And yeah, If a new rapper sounded like all those dudes I think it could be a bad thing. It could be good too, but you have to get to that point, otherwise it just sounds too reverential. I think Big KRIT is extremely talented, but I also think he has some room to expand and grow into himself. He got a lot of attention and is now growing in the spotlight, which is cool. It’s a rare thing that an artist gets a chance to do that, and I’m glad he’s getting one—I just hope he’s able to develop as his own thing more.

    @Bubonic: It is absolutely a good mixtape. Well sequenced, thoughtful, and rock solid. I wouldn’t have posted it if I didn’t like it. KRIT still lives in the shadows of his influences though. And yeah, that’s unavoidable—how can you not when you’re looking up to those guys? Still though, he’s got room to grow and I don’t think it’s wrong to say that.

  5. NikeTalk says:

    Instant. Classic.

    Fuck what you heard.

    This shit is incredible.

  6. That Lame Sam Hockley-Smith says:

    …a bunch of nothing.

    R4 is classic.

  7. Sam you are completely wrong here.Its a good thing for a southern artist to pay homage to his roots and incorporate them in his sound.Their is serious regional bias going on right now If a new york rapper came out he would be congratulated for sounding like Nas,EPMD,Rakim,talib kweli and had beats that sounded like Pete Rock. Dude is proud of his heritage and his musical roots and follows in a path that has been abandoned and forgotten by southern rappers of today.

  8. NT's The Notorious Bum says:

    I want you to go back and listen to the whole tape completely at least 5 times.
    You’re a fuckin idiot! Krit released amazing work. The production is great and the lyrics are just as good.
    I hope you get your writing rights taken away.

  9. Tfromthe617 via NT says:

    2 classic tapes are a test run for the real thing? Get the fuck outta here and give credit where it’s due.

  10. Shaze804 NT says:

    Go back and listen to the mixtape. Then go listen to UGK/Kast/Ball&G then listen to the Krit again. Then act like you have some sense and write a review that is more accurate.

  11. Stephen says:

    “but KRIT could also stand to loosen up a bit, and that could happen when he steps out from behind the safety blanket of his predecessors”

    What the hell would he want to do that for? The music sounds GREAT the way it is, nothing like the other crap that’s coming out these days. Big K.R.I.T. is great BECAUSE he takes the strengths of his predecessors and mixes them all into his own unique style. This tape is AMAZING, his first tape was AMAZING, and that’s that. Why does music have to be all new sounding to be any good? I hope K.R.I.T. stays right the hell behind what you call his “secutiry blanket”, because the music he makes now sounds awesome, and I want more.

  12. DeeJay says:

    This is one of the worst reviews I’ve ever read. This is an amazing piece of hip-hop that KRIT has dropped on the world. This isn’t a mixtape at all, but an album in it’s truest sense. If this was on sale at a Target, would that make his music sound any better? This is the best rap album I’ve heard in a very long time, and I listen to alot of rap music.

    The sound he produces maybe “classic” southern sh!t, but KRIT is telling his own story, with many introspective songs to prove. Please explain what you mean by he “should loosen up a bit”? Dude is making music from his soul, yet you calling that a safety blanket? From what I read, Sam Hockley-Smith has no business reviewing hip-hop music.

  13. DeeJay says:

    Here is a great review of the album. A well thoughtout and detailed review that fully encompasses this work. I even agree with dudes negatives about the album.

  14. BigBailey says:

    This review pretty much sucks, but many have already done a good job explaining why.

    Here is a great, well thoughtout, detailed review, that fully encompasses the album. I even agree with dudes negatives.

  15. Ibra says:

    I think there are valid points. Art is about ebb and flow and I think it’s okay for you to revisit the past as long as it’s not because of a trend. But I do wish he made some more tracks that were speakerbox friendly like Return of 4eva featuring Big Sant, and a little more progressive as far as evolving the sound. But don’t get me wrong he might be the next big producer from the south his sequences and the thought process behind his beats are incredible. I can’t wait to photograph him I hope he has a long career.

  16. L says:

    Almost wish this woulda came out as an album instead of a mixtape so i coulda supported the cause. this cd is more than worth 9.99. ive been bumping it on repeat since i downloaded.

    In a nutshell: Fire!

  17. DS says:

    honestly, who ever wrote this review has never really heard ugk,scarface 8ball&Mjg.. stop frontin, yall just actin like you know what youre talking about. that being said big krit put out a classic.