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Big KRIT's ReturnOf4Eva Mixtape

Look, there are worse people to emulate than Outkast or UGK or Scarface or 8Ball and MJG. If we rapped, we'd be using them as touchstones as well. But at the end of the day, we're stoked for Big KRIT to eventually emerge from their (large) shadows a fully formed artist. It can and should happen. Maybe not until he finally releases a real album—like, a for real NON INTERNET MIXTAPE album. ReturnOf4Eva as well as his previous mixtapes still seem like a test run for the real thing. As ReturnOf4Eva is an extremely reverent Southern rap tape with plenty of bright moments. It's well worth your time and your zero dollars, but KRIT could also stand to loosen up a bit, and that could happen when he steps out from behind the safety blanket of his predecessors.

Download: Big KRIT, ReturnOf4Eva

Big KRIT's ReturnOf4Eva Mixtape