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Exclusive Stream: Lil Silva f. Sampha, "On Your Own"

This is the least aggressive tune Bedford's Lil Silva has maybe ever produced, pulling the high notes all the way underwater to let fellow Brit Sampha's vocals shine up top. It's a dance track, undeniably, but sometimes even the bass bows out for these brilliant moments of sensitive R&B. From the first moments, when Silva's introductory laser-spray and Sampha's yeaaa-hahs drift in together, to the final minute's choppier bits, it's a totally endearing collaboration. "The song itself is about entering space and losing your thoughts and emotions as you leave earth and becoming empty to feeling and being free," that's how they describe it. Neither artist overpowers the other, just two insanely talented young guys in a room somewhere shaking hands and inventing our new favorite song. Lil Silva's eagerly awaited The Patience EP come out April 25th on Good Years.

Stream: Lil Silva f. Sampha, "On Your Own"

Exclusive Stream: Lil Silva f. Sampha, "On Your Own"