Ms. Lauryn Hill Invokes Minaj, Promises ATL She Won’t Fuck Up So Bad Again


This January, Ms. Lauryn Hill sold out a show at Atlanta’s Center Stage. She came out after midnight, three hours after the announced start time, then instructed her band to speed up, making her golden oldies unrecognizable. Fans booed and left en masse.

Now, the 35 year old mother-of-many is back in Atlanta and wants people to come again. She released a modern-love apology via twitpic, promising the debacle can/will be “easily rectified” and invoking Nicki Minaj to evidence her mettle and sincerity:

Nicki’s Pink Friday sold 375,000 copies the first week out, the most copies a female rappers sold in one week since Lauryn Hill moved 422,624 units of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill during it’s debut week in 1998. Minaj’s record is platinum now and still climbing—as of 3/20, 1,239,000 copies sold in the US alone. How gnarly is it that it took 12 years for Minaj to join Ms. Hill and diversify the canon of great, well-received feminist rap records? Nice that Lauryn now so warmly acknowledges her.

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  1. Zee says:

    In no way am I throwing shade at Nicki Minaj but wouldn’t it be great if her music was delivered in a similar way as Ms. Lauryn Hill? Wouldn’t it be great if she was selling this many records with as many listeners as she has now with that message? This is not to discredit Nicki, I do see that many of the songs on her album are very personal and some are even about enjoying success and reflection but that isn’t really seen in then I think she tries to play both sides with the multiple personalities.

    I’d actually say Nicki is pretty much clean compared to the stuff Foxy and Kim were rappin about on their albums. So I’m glad that she doesn’t focus solely on that. Nicki has a lot of power with the youth right now and I hope she does some inspiring stuff.

    Sorry to get so deep.