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Stream: Police Academy 6's S/T Album

Honestly don't know much about Police Academy 6. A guy named Bonerz directed the film version, there's probably something to that. But the recording artist(s)? Where they're from, what they look like is probably not as important as them owning a computer, being a little lazy, liking reverb and slow pseudo-R&B (maybe who doesn't these days). But Police Academy 6, proven through a variety of collaborations, know the weight of the world and how to make songs about it. This week brings their longest release to date, a collection of some older tracks ("Icarus" with unouomedude has been a Nyquil night favorite for months) and some new ("Crushin" with Cherub is a weird falsetto standout). Their self-titled album is available for download now, out on cassette in a month.

Stream: Police Academy 6's S/T Album