Lex Luger Gives Away Beats


Rap Zeitgeist Lex Luger gave out a couple of beats via Twitter. These are super moody. Has the king of crunk secretly been lurking Soul Strut and listening to old Pete Rock beat tapes? As the tweet says, “smoke and take flight.” If anyone records over these, send it to us, letters@thefader.com. Check them out and download below.

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  1. How do I download the beats!!!!!!! I’ve written the song, and I’m ready to record, so I can email it to yawl like you said. Peace

  2. How do I download the beats
    I wrote a song, now I would like to record it so I can send it to yawl like the post asks

  3. M.I.S.C says:

    i remember reading in source magazine that he was saying that he had all types of beats, but people kept hitting him up for beats that sound like BMF and hard in the paint, and another saying he had some heat for jadakiss (i’m guessing that second one is it). hopefully people will leave him alone about what types of beats he makes.

    but of course someone’s gonna say he didn’t produce any of these beats. but if you listen to his drums you can tell that’s his sounds all day.

  4. reyshizz says:

    both beats go hard… give me a couple of days, i’ll write and record something to one of them (or both)

  5. Justin says:

    @ nate you can go to his twitter and look through it for a little and there is a tweet with the download link

  6. Justin says:

    or just hit that link above that says tweet.

  7. Tony says:

    The beats aren’t for download anywhere, if you read his tweet he doesn’t say they’re for download, which is a shame as they’re decent/

  8. taylor says:

    yea these beats are amazing wish i could download them

  9. i got both of these a couple days ago b4 he deleted them

    i sent an email but just in case


    fader – cl sick

    - CC…..good day