Premiere: Kito & Reija Lee, “This City (Asa & KOAN Sound Remix)” MP3


Australia’s Kito & Reija Lee released their debut EP this week on Mad Decent, a shimmering, pop-vocal-heavy take on dubstep. It’s a glamorous version of the sound, thick with bass but brightened immeasurably by Lee’s vocals. Feels like leather pants would be involved. Britain’s Asa & Koan Sound remix of “This City” puts the verse in the back seat, chopping everything heavily before sneaking in just the hook to the sound of clinking glasses. The mood is perfect as the song fades out, echoing guitar slides and the sort of ohhh chants you hear in desert dreams.

Stream: Kito & Reija Lee, “This City (Asa & KOAN Sound Remix)”

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