Just A Number 05272011, “Business” MP3

Just A Number 05272011 have, bar none, the most unwieldy name ever in the history of time and all names in all art forms ever. Just kidding probably. It’s up there for sure though. Either way, their sound has been impossible to pin down thus far, sometimes sounding dissonant and multi-tracked and other times, like with this track, going from a constant bass fuzz to serene but still shrill vocals within just a few minutes.

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  1. zzz says:


  2. josh says:

    This is really bad, the lady cannot sing, so auto tuned!

  3. Filip says:

    This is bloody great.

  4. Damek says:

    I think that’s Connor Oberst on the male vocals.

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  6. Nicolai says:

    Hopefully not just a number….

    Will we see an album released May 5th?
    Surely hope so.