A Look at Mall Style: Goths, Popular Girls, and Frumps


Refinery29 has been geeking about photographer Michael Galinsky, and we don’t blame them. Galinsky captured, in a beautifully off-kilter high-flash way, the cool ugliness of suburban style by hanging around shopping malls snapping pics. Malls were of prime importance at that moment, the Facebook of pre-internet life where you could see what everyone was wearing and who they were hanging out with and what they were into all in one place. And in that spirit, Galinsky captures people of all ilk, only unified by one special thing: the ugliness of their outfits. They’re helping solicit for Galinsky’s Kickstarter so that he can turn these lovely photos into a book.

POSTED April 5, 2011 2:30PM IN STYLE Comments (2)