Share Shawn’s Likes: Jay-Z Started a Blog


Jay-Z started a blog! It’s about stuff he likes! And we’re not talking your standard, Word Press/popular-themed tumblr, here, Life + Times is a unique java-scripted jam (designed by our friends over at Area 17) with an interactive grid that not only enables dynamic posting on subjects like leisure, technology, art & design, and the elusively titled Jay’s I, but which also allows Jay-Z to reveal his image in all its Christ-like glory (lest we forget who’s the boss!). In fact, we’re very curious how the editorial process works over at Life + Times. Like, is Jay-Z really in to Garance DorĂ©? It seems he has an editorial staff, but the “about” page doesn’t say much about them. In fact, all it reveals is a quote from Mr. Shawn Carter himself, who, it seems, is only a semi-regular contributor?

Clearly Life + Times is an ever-evolving enterprise, which will reveal Jay-Z’s myriad influences one grid-block at a time. We’re definitely RSSing, and waiting for more Jay-Z-approved stuff to stumble upon. Like, say, a lil’ concept album?

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  1. brokenradness says:

    could this be the slowest and worst designed blog ever? I mean it’s like trying to navigate the blog section on honyee but about 25,000 times more infuriating (which is saying a lot).
    Jay just doesn’t strike me as a ‘blogger’, an S-dot twitter account would be far more entertaining.

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