Premiere: Tyler, the Creator, “Seven (James Pants Remix)” MP3


Stones Throw’s James Pants and the internet/Supreme’s Tyler, the Creator have total music crushes on each other. So Tyler gave James Pants the stems for “Seven” from his album Bastard and let him turn him into a devil with a thing for sonar ping and deep hand drums. There’s also a bit of late song sexy sax which turns into solo sad sax. James Pants is the kind of dude who has one mode, pretty much switched to geek out at all times. Tyler’s got the fuck/party/kill mode on lots, but he recedes to nerd when appropriate. Basically this song is like they are the King of Queens and Adam Sandler in that movie about pretending to be domestic partners, except instead of firefighters they have MacBook Pros with expensive software, some they bought, some they stole.

Download: Tyler, the Creator, “Seven (James Pants Remix)

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  1. oh, hi says:

    it would be super awesome if you actually posted the mp3!

  2. Anthony Fabbricatore says:

    this is “Seven,” not “French”

  3. Kevin says:

    This is a remix of Seven, not French.

  4. dz says:

    the song is “Seven” not “French”

  5. JT5300 says:

    This is a Seven Remix not french

  6. bobrien says:

    that was a remix of seven not french.. still awesome though

  7. EW says:

    Love the posts. FYI, this is a remix of “Seven,” not “French.”

  8. EW says:

    haha- apparently a few people also noticed

  9. ritalin regiment says:

    noob ass honkys

  10. yup says:

    this is a terrbile remix he can do so much better WTF james

  11. Ace says:

    I Made An Album Cover For It If Anyone Wants One
    (It’s An Edit Of James Pants’ “Welcome” Cover)

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  14. Matthew Schnipper says:

    Blame Heathcliff!


  15. BOB says:

    So I guess Fader asked Tyler to take down his tweet regarding it being ‘Seven’ not ‘French. Don’t want to lose any ‘cool’ points now, eh?

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  17. Wtf says:

    This is a bag of shit. What the fuck is pants doing?

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  19. tyler says:

    fuck this

    james made the crapiest song / remix ever

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  26. ipou says:

    Bad remix from a good guy

  27. Uncle Tito says:

    This song was straight garbage. JP fucked up in a big way. Guess thats what happens when people try too hard to “reinvent themselves.”

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