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Rita Indiana, "Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)" MP3

photographer Orlando Barria

In FADER 67, we called Rita Indiana's work with her band Los Misterios "feral electro-mamba." Kingdom already remixed this song from her album El Juidero for Dutty Artz' New York Tropical compilation. Rita's chorus means "give me the power" or perhaps more ferociously and to the point, "give me the powerful." Today Queens' son Adam “Atropolis” puts his stamp on it—the snares keep rolling like they're about to take off into a huge coup. Rita says her shows are about "rawness and openness," dancing to this, you'd keep dipping in anticipation, vulnerable to an ultimately major uprising. But there's no summit, the whole thing's a big freak out. In Indiana's words, "everything's invited." Patridge's album Atropolis is out on Dutty Artz on 4/26.

Download: Rita Indiana, "Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)"

Rita Indiana, "Los Poderes (Atropolis Remix)" MP3