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It’s Britney and Nicki On Tour, Bitch

April 11, 2011

Really happy these two monsters are going on tour together, even if Britney is more of a zombie than the ravenous-type creature that Nicki is. Love them both and feel like Nicki could be a good influence if Britney let's her in—Nicki reminding her to layer on wigs and sparkly corsets as ARMOR, not just disguise, and that all of this pop shit is supposed to be fun.

It's funny to think that Britney is only a few years older than Nicki Minaj even though she's been here much much longer. As great as Britney is, she's seemed sad for so long, and it's Nicki with the wisdom. In our cover story from FADER 66, we spoke about how Nicki was always at her best when supporting ladies. Writer Julianne Escobedo Shepherd reminded in the story:

"Minaj, on the other hand, is like a life coach, an unapologetic voice supporting whatever the singer is saying. If a man has been disrespectful, move on to something better. If he has been amazing, make a move to keep him. But above all, own your decisions. Be about it."

Fame sucks. Bodyguards and managers and businessmen will probably ensure that Nicki and Britney never have a heart to heart on tour. But here's hoping they chat just a bit, or, at least, confronted with Nicki as an opening act, Britney will peak out from her dressing room, stand on the side of the stadium stage, and take a listen to some of Nicki's empowerment gangbusters. In any case, we compiled a few of the biggest ups, are sending this as a pop-feminist Youtube care package straight to Ms. Spears.

It’s Britney and Nicki On Tour, Bitch