Stream: Domo Genesis f. Tyler, the Creator, “Heart of Gold”


Odd Future’s publicist/nanny/wrangler confirms this as a legit “old as fuck” track that “was on Domo’s old myspace and for some reason it’s being spread around just now.” These days, Odd Future are America’s best bastards, exceptionally talented, passionate method actors puffed on teenage hormones and internet savvy. In “Heart of Gold,” Tyler and Domo sound almost exhausted they’re chilling so hard, like there is no way they rapped this standing up. They’re getting attention from gold digging, brain-giving girls, yet still working together like a quibbling but teflon-strong family and enjoying cinnamon kid’s cereals. Tyler says here “at heart we are all lames,” and that he’s “never been cool, I just act natural.” Every Supreme customer in America thinks Tyler is pretty cool, now, but we buy that statement was wise and gold-hearted then, that it’s possible, as crazy as it seems, that he’s still as intuitive and affectionate as ever.

Stream: Domo Genesis f. Tyler, the Creator, “Heart of Gold (via Prefix)

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