TV on the Radio Goes Epic With “Nine Types of Light” Movie

TV on the Radio released their much-anticipated Nine Types of Light LP today along with an epic, album-long music video, which is available for all to see on YouTube. The band asked friends and filmmakers to contribute to this “visual re-imagining” of the album, interspersing the disparate videos with a sequence of interviews discussing a range of topics like collective recurring dreams, the future, love and existence. Some of the standout sequences are the video for “No Future Shock,” which is a modern take on the 50′s-era sock hop, and a humorous epilogue of sorts, which imagines the scenario of the band members meeting up at a local cafe some time in the future, ten years after they’ve broken up. Tunde Adebimpe oversaw the overall direction and story-boarding as well as direction for the “Forgotten” video.

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