Complex Found Earl Sweatshirt


About a month ago, we asked why none of the investigative reporters in America or abroad had managed to find and free Earl Sweatshirt, missing siren of the Odd Future family. Today the search is over. Complex followed a trail of Hodgy lyrics, Tyler tweets, Facebook rants, rap blog comments and, finally, a blog post from US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa David Huebner to confirm that Earl is not dead or imprisoned, but at a nice/scary looking school called Coral Reef Academy, an “off-shore treatment program for at-risk teenage boys from the U.S.,” located in Vailele Bay, Samoa where, “young men are working hard and taking pride in their skills, teamwork, and performance.”

Have you ever had a friend come back from one of these places? At best they’re more fit and into teamwork, at worst, way hooked on some stimulant that only young men in captivity would devise. Only hope Earl’s transition back home, in to whatever kind of life he wants for himself, will be a good one. Hard to say how this investigation will impact that journey, but it’s probably not a great thing for Earl, actually. Bun B comments:

bun b

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  1. bry_jnr says:

    Who gives a flying fuck? Who is this kid? why is it so wrong he is getting his mind right? You fucks are always trying to give the impression you’re so fucking righteous. Give the fucking kid a break.

  2. Cal Knights says:

    why are you posting on this? for some people this is really exciting. and it’s not even saying, “fuck this kid for straightening his life out.” he was forced there. and if you don’t know the situation, how does posting on this make you righteous? if you don’t like thefader, get off.

  3. Isabella says:

    I feel the way they found him is beyond creepy. And the whole mystery was kinda fun…..

  4. james, esq. says:

    Re-education camp is no fun……..come home soon kid and get swwaaagggged tha fuc out!!!!!

  5. Mike says:

    Fuck complex mag. Free Earl.

  6. Bry_jnr says:

    Cal knights, seems your a clear candidate for the Program if you this kind of mind numbing ‘news’ exciting.

  7. dez says:

    It is interesting if you like his work, although i wish they would have left this alone. Go suck a dick and shit cum.

  8. Swagswag says:

    Ok like how the fuck do we know when this pic was taken?? It could have been 2 years ago at his fucking highschool like really.. And leave him the fuc alone shit.

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  10. killthem all says:

    this is crazy as fuck but who cares if hes doing that maybe he was really fucked up and his parents had money to send him their so i dont care i just want him to fuckin start rapin and get better

    fuck what complex says or fader im glad we know were hes at hope he comes back


  11. obama says:

    Why is nobody commenting on the obvious fact that he’s being ass raped by a bunch of creepy fucking christians?!?!?!? Nice fucking move on his parents part… That really ought to straighten him out……. Douche bags…..

  12. Rev.JimmyJ says:

    Could this picture really have been taken two years ago at his high school as the comment above brings into consideration? There is no way of knowing when the pic was taken without extracting the exif data, and that can be off depending on the date and time settings of the camera it was taken on. Would you rather beileve that he’s been forced into some sort of tropical motivational camp by his parents, or that the beat slaying, world fucking Earl even goes to high school at all? Seems like his partaking in education instead of rebellion would be the bigger letdown. Even scarier would be the idea that he particiapates in school functions that require full on multi-cultural garb, as in the lava-lava’s people are seen wearing in the pic, and smiles while doing it. Taking all this into consideration one can only hope that he was rushed off to Samoa while still a minor, and is doing time in paradise. As for the person that came to the conclusion that Earl is getting anally violated by christians, while I dont deny that he may be getting anally probed, how did you come to the conclusion that they were christians?

  13. london based says:

    this guy is the best rapper ive heard since nas………….. he needs to get back to it.

  14. Mark says:

    Suck a dick faggits that nigga earl is earl where ever he is doing him suck a dick get fucked by your grandpa stick a pistol up your butt taking your dogs nutts in your mouth while crying for some tacos