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Complex Found Earl Sweatshirt

About a month ago, we asked why none of the investigative reporters in America or abroad had managed to find and free Earl Sweatshirt, missing siren of the Odd Future family. Today the search is over. Complex followed a trail of Hodgy lyrics, Tyler tweets, Facebook rants, rap blog comments and, finally, a blog post from US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa David Huebner to confirm that Earl is not dead or imprisoned, but at a nice/scary looking school called Coral Reef Academy, an "off-shore treatment program for at-risk teenage boys from the U.S.," located in Vailele Bay, Samoa where, "young men are working hard and taking pride in their skills, teamwork, and performance."

Have you ever had a friend come back from one of these places? At best they're more fit and into teamwork, at worst, way hooked on some stimulant that only young men in captivity would devise. Only hope Earl's transition back home, in to whatever kind of life he wants for himself, will be a good one. Hard to say how this investigation will impact that journey, but it's probably not a great thing for Earl, actually. Bun B comments:

bun b

Complex Found Earl Sweatshirt