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Video: YC f. Future, "Racks on Racks"

I'm in Georgia visiting my parents for Passover. In the middle of my town, where the new parking decks and luxury condo's with "Vegas-style" pools are, you can only transmit wisps of V103 The People's Station, arguably Atlanta's best outlet for hip hop/R&B. They're playing "Racks on Racks" like at least once an hour now, but if you want to hear it you have to drive into metro-Atlanta, or alternately, far away from it. Yesterday I drove 40 miles thick in the woods and onto a gravel road to see my friend's new farm and baby. Out there the signal came in crystal, sometimes places are not what they seem. Who makes the better car-stopping "screeot" sound you think, YC or Soulja Boy? Hope my friend's baby is going to learn to make so many kinds of sounds by listening to the radio. Download YC's Got Racks mixtape here.

Video: YC f. Future, "Racks on Racks"