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Video: Death Grips, "Guillotine It Goes Yah"

When you get an email that says INTENSE AVANT HIP HOP in the header you don't think, you click on it and cross your fingers in hopes that it lives up to the claim. Sacramento crew Death Grips definitely does just that, for better or worse. "Guillotine It Goes Yah" and the accompanying Ex-Military mixtape proves that things really do go in cycles. The way that Bobby Brown was once amping like Michael, these dudes are amping like… um… maybe Dalek? Techno Animal? Anti-Pop Consortium? Atari Teenage Riot? (Google 'em, kids... or don't.) They're definitely amping though, and with a very mid-to-late '90s disposition. It harkens back to those golden days when we still thought the future of music would bring nothing but gltichy apocalyptic war cries, back before weed strains got better, everyone artsy signed up for Tumblr and subsequently fell into a collective nostalgic haze. The world may not exactly need a rap record at this pitch right now, but it's refreshing to know that someone made it anyway. Angry and tormented rapping always wins.

Posted: April 28, 2011
Video: Death Grips, "Guillotine It Goes Yah"