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Are The Rangers Dissing Odd Future or Do They Just Hate the Devil?

April 29, 2011

Jerkin jerks The Rangers hop on Wiz Khalifa's Lex Luger produced "Taylor Gang" to bewildering results. A few of them are rapping surprisingly well and in a very effective double time but it's hard to notice because the video, which features a kid in a Devil costume being beaten, stabbed and farted on by others in Power Rangers and bunny masks, distracts. After the Devil is presumably left for dead, a crude cut screen flashes THE DEVIL SUCKS FLAMING HOT MONKEY NUTS. Then it more or less switches back to being a regular old boring YouTube rap video, shot in much the same tone as the original Wiz clip. Everyone stops talking about the devil and pretends that all the weirdness never happened. But it did, it really did.

Some kids on computers are reading it as an Odd Future diss, but those seem like difficult dots to firmly connect. The Rangers do beat up a Devil and cross out a sign that says "666" but by that standard they could also be dissing Burzum. It's entirely possible that these kids just don't like the actual devil and they've made the unexpected (but oddly logical, when you think about it) jump from Jerkin (which, unlike the devil, most certainly cannot die) to gospel rap zealot status. One things for sure, as they've clarified in the video description: "No we are not in the 'illuminati' -_- sheesh." On the whole it's a very confused and confusing record. If they are, in fact, trying to diss Odd Future then it's cool that Odd Future has inspired otherwise average Jerk rappers to get at them in such a bizarre and creative way. At least they're having a more exciting one-sided rap battle than the grumpy old men who have been coming out of the woodwork to disparage Lil B.

Deeper digging into the theology of "Ranger Gang": Julian—that's right I learned their name, but if you didn't, he's the first rapper who says all the stuff about stabbing the Devil—may or may not be quoting Marilyn Manson when he says "I wasn't born with enough middle fingers."

Are The Rangers Dissing Odd Future or Do They Just Hate the Devil?