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Does Kanye West Have a Secret Stash of Beats?


The other day, perpetual underdog Consequence released "Everybody Told Me," a track produced by Kanye West, into the world. It's a good enough song—Consequence's voice is soft around the edges, which gives everything he does a strange sense of relaxed urgency, like when it's raining and sunny at the same time. The beat is great, but it also sounds nothing like anything else Kanye has produced since Late Registration. The possible reasons behind this are all pretty standard in music: he tailored it specifically for Consequence, who now exists in the GOOD music stable as a sort of "Old Kanye" for those that aren't into the newer, Super-ego version. Alternately, it could actually just be some old shit ’Ye had laying around on a Zip Drive that he almost threw out because whoops! Zip Drives. The third option is that Kanye West, always prescient, knew that one day he would be too famous to just lay in the cut and produce for other dudes and made thousands of great beats knowing that one day he'd want to hand them out to his friends like candy corn. Let's be real though, it's probably just that he found it on an old iMac and threw it Consequence's way. If you're one of those people that misses the more humble Kanye that rapped over organic sounding stuff, "Everybody Told Me" is what you're looking for.

Stream: Consequence, "Everybody Told Me" (Prod. by Kanye West)

Does Kanye West Have a Secret Stash of Beats?