Video: Young Jeezy f. Tity Boi, “Count it Up (Remix)”

Tity Boi sounds awkward over Larger Than Life™ beats tailor made for Young Jeezy, but that’s also precisely why he’s one of the more interesting rappers we pay regular attention to. He’s seemingly built an entire style around relentless clarity. He’s not getting drowned out by anyone’s bombastic beat, instead battering his way through anything that gets in front of him. Actually, these two dudes work well together—it’d be nice to see more. Maybe a whole mixtape? Does Jeezy have more time or less time on his hands now that he’s in album release purgatory? These are the questions we ask ourselves, and only Tity Boi can help us answer them.

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  1. anonymist says:

    Beat is pretty juvenile to be honest.

  2. This is hard body.Schwaza.