Video: Jay Electronica, “Dimethyltryptamine”

If you can still recall the olden days of 2009, you might remember that Roc Nation signee and underground rap’s favorite mystical underachiever Jay Electronica was running around Asia, shooting loose footage and offering tantalizing, brief hints of a longer film project. Like everything else that Jay has announced ever, the film never materialized, but this weekend some concrete evidence of the project has finally emerged in the form of a very bugged out clip for Jay’s J. Dilla produced, Lynchian ode to the psychedelic “Dimethyltryptamine.” The song is ancient in web years, but we all know that Jay Elect exists out of time. (Let’s do the math: a song released in 2007, though likely recorded well before that, gets a video in 2009 and that video gets released in 2011. Album in 2013 then?)

DMT is popular drug with the kids these days and said to induce a dreamlike state. In this clip comedian Joe Rogan describes the DMT experience as such:

You’re in another dimension where there’s fuckin complex geometric patterns moving in synchronous order through the air all around you in three dimensional space like they’re arteries except there’s not blood pumping through them, there’s fucking light, pulsating lights with no boundaries.

He could very well be describing this video too, so congrats to director Jason Goldwatch for accurately synthesizing that experience and only having to go all the way to Nepal to do so. Jay’s original found-footage YouTube clip for the song is fun too.

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  1. david says:

    this is a bounty killer mobb sleep beat/ and he basically stole punching bag p’s flow. this shit is whack as fuck yo. look it up.

  2. bountykiller?c'mondog says:

    bounty killer made that midnite express soundtrack cut? damn, i didnt know that. did he make the beat dilla stole and put his name on here?

  3. david says:

    nah but he came harder on that beat them mob sleep and gay electronica. if u dotn see similariities btwn ps flow and gays then you got issues bro.