Brenmar’s Gold Bricks FADER Mix

May 03, 2011

Brenmar's DJ sets have the continuous goal of promoting a healthy dance floor. His lack of allegiance to genre in favor of the higher god of a good time is present every time he plays, running through R&B, hip-hop, UK dance music, US dance music and any and everything in between. After repeatedly having a wild time at his gigs, we hit up Brenmar to make a mix especially for the FADER. He cooked up a doozy. His thoughts:

The mix is my vibe, the Brenmar aesthetic put into a mix. House, hip-hop, R&B, bass music, and regional club styles (Bmore, Jersey club, footwork) all on the same mix. A lot of new young US producers on this one and some of my current UK favs. I try to strike a balance between a certain level of accessibility and fun while still pushing new sounds and ideas. I love new music. Can't forget about the girls either, it always comes back to them. Cause if they ain't having fun...we ain't having fun.

This mix includes a host of Brenmar exclusives. It also somehow includes no Ciara. Download the mix below and get the tracklist below that.

Download: Brenmar's Gold Bricks FADER Mix

1. Brenmar - Stash In The Dash Intro
2. Ashanti - Fancy (Brenmar Remix)
3. Timbaland - Give It To Me Instrumental
4. Boyz II Men - If I Had One (Brenmar Edit)
5. Dj Pierre and TT The Artist - U Don't Bang Wit Me
6. Dubbel Dutch - Fem Pressure
7. Jim-E Stack - Lemme
8. Brenmar - If U Want Me
9. Richelle - I Think Before I Act
10. Boody B - Swift
11. R Kelly - Make It Rain Remix
12. Venice Calypso - Drifting
13. Champion - Lighter (VIP Mix)
14. Brenmar - Let's Pretend
15. T. Williams - 30 Degree
16. Cedaa - Freon
17. Brenmar - So High
18. Dark Sky - High Rise
19. Destinys Child vs. Craig David - What's My Name
20. Getem - Get It In
21. Dj YayYay - Micro-Chips Instrumental
22. Brenmar - Waiting On
23. Jim Jones - Getting To The Money
24. Kelly Rowland - Motivation Instrumental

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Brenmar’s Gold Bricks FADER Mix