Freddie Gibbs f. Young Jeezy, “Stripes (Run D MC)” MP3


So this is what Jeezy‘s career has come to? Blatantly jacking the celebrity rapper name as near meaningless hook approach that Rick Ross perfected last year and then turned completely redundant in recent months. The irony in all of this is that Ross, of course, began his own musical journey as little more than a low-rate Jeezy clone. Student becomes teacher and the cipher’s complete. Produced by Ross architect Lil Lody (who is presumably who Ross calls whenever Lex Luger is off making better music with Juicy J) “Stripes” bangs hard enough in the empirical sense, with recent CTE signee (and another rapper who should know better than to bite so blatantly) Gibbs doing his standard issue, hyper technical gangsta rap thing that has (had?) the internet going nuts. But even that fails to overpower the mental image of a snake eating its own tail while wearing a Snowman T-shirt.

The “Stripes” video drops at 1:08 PM today. What’s the over under on Jeezy being bound to a wheelchair for the clip?

Download: Freddie Gibbs f. Young Jeezy, “Stripes (Run D MC)

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  1. treal says:

    You’re a fucking idiot Noz. Rick Ross has BEEEN using Jeezy’s music and identity and running with it. Jeezy invented this sound. This shit is hot as fuck and Freddie Gibbs kills it.

    Just because you don’t post Gibbs on your site next to anticon demos doesn’t mean you should say he doesn’t have a buzz. Dude is bigger than ever.

    Go suck Odd Future’s dicks in billboard magazine.

  2. garcia says:

    what treal said

  3. trevor says:

    this is not freddie gibbs featurin jeezy this is jeezy with some gibbs
    i love freddie gibbs, and he kills it on this track, but thats 30 seconds of nearly a 4 minute song…i want more freddie less jeezy

  4. J says:

    I agree with trevor but this is a Jeezy song thatll be on TM103 probably. So it is Jeezys song, but theyll have plenty more music coming out. Expect jeezy to be featured on gibbs new shit too

  5. anon says:

    good point treal. everyone who reads CB knows noz is totally on anticon/rhymesayers/strange famous collective dick.

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  7. Frank says:

    Maybe Jeezy’s been gaining a little weight.

  8. faggot ass treal says:

    Treal, I think you should consider reading the post before you get all Lady Gaga fan defensive over Jeezy and Gibbs. Noz said Ross started out riding Jeezy’s buzz before he made his own identity, but now Jeezy’s trying to ride the Lex Luger “go ham in the trap” style that Waka and Ross made popular. And Noz does post about Gibbs. And he still hasn’t been able to make people give a fuck about his ass since his XXL freshman cover.

    Oh, and I’ve been to CB frequently since i found out about it last year and have yet to see an anticon demo. Stop dick gobbling.