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Teen Daze, "Waves" MP3

Came across this new Teen Daze track last night, trawling Bandcamp with my girlfriend, long-asleep, four feet away and only one light on in the apartment. It was the weakest desk light, out of respect. For the song's first minute-and-a-half, it seems like an instrumental, a beautifully light drum beat and simple, airy pads, just the least stressful song imaginable. Then he starts singing, a reverb angel you can't understand, and though it felt perfect before, he's not interrupting anything. What once was nondescript background noise is now a really reassuring pop song, Life of Leisure for late-night, and the to-do list isn't even a memory because I'm jamming Teen Daze for the next 20 minutes.

Teen Daze, "Waves" MP3